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tv   [untitled]    May 9, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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roughly a thousand square feet. open space area has increased from 50 to 53%, about 6.7 acres. it's nearly three union square areas of space available for the public to enjoy the sky. there is a new addition of the temporary deep water berth which has been placed on the edge of the pier. not a berthing facility, an overflow, allows access during certain times. year. we've also increased from 0 to 40 feet access along the eastern edge of the pier. and we've provided now you'll see several ways in which you can view into the arena directly and, of course, see out of the arena to the surrounding landscape. that's a new feature. in terms of the seawall site, we have adjusted these figures also. some of them have gone up so we've increased the residential scope from about 160 to 200,000 gross square feet. the hotel has moved from about 160 to 178, but the retail has
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come down at street level a little bit from 33 to 29 and we've also fixed the parking spaces around 260, and we've provided a more porous floor plate. one thing i should note is that the two components you saw in the past, each one was 150 feet high. perhaps you recall that. there were two ties of 150 feet high. we have lowered the hotel component to 105 feet. we've lowered that component 50 feet which is we think a rather significant change. we have, though, on the other hand raised the residential component from 150 by 25 feet to 175. so, we come down 50 feet on one side and gone up 25 feet on the other, and we think -- we believe that the massing is appropriate on the site with those changes. here you can see to the left the water mark tower which is 235 feet. the towers beyond that are higher, the residential component at 175, significantly lower. it's about 100 feet lower than water mark. and then the 105 feet units
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there in the distance. there is the event center and the retail in the view back to the bridge. at night you can notice that there are a number of features that have been integrated into the design including a very large dramatic bay window which looks from the two-story lobby out into the east bay and directly into the pier, directly adjacent to the 40 foot space that is available on the pier level for the public as they move along the outside of the building. so, you can look up and see inside the building as you're moving along the pier edge. here is a view of the northwest corner where we have incorporated a new very grand stair that leads people up to the top event level entrance plaza without having to cross the support traffic that goes into the building in this location. that's where the support traffic. and the only entry for vehicular traffic is at this northwest corner. there is an additional where that little square is, a small a-d-a access point. you'll also notice, i think i forgot to mention. you'll see along the northern edge of the pier three boat
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facilities that -- little boats. one on the far left is designed for water taxi use. the one in the middle which we'll talk about in a moment is for fire boat use, and we have incorporated a fire department station onto the site itself, not off the site, but actually in the site. and the third pier at the northeast corner is a pier for ferry service, inner bay ferry service. there is a considerable amount of maritime access developed along the northern edge of the site. in terms of the northern edge you can see some of those docks now. there in the middle is actually the fire department which is incorporated into these northern edge. we wanted that edge to be kind of a working feeling like some of these working piers that we find in san francisco. if you look closely just next to that little green area there with the stairs up, there is a little red dot. that's actually a window. we're working with the fire department so you can walk by and look in and see their fire engine which would be a lot of fun for people. the fire engines don't use the pier edge. they actually come in and out
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of the service exit that everyone else does. although the pier edge is available for emergency use at all times. there is a gabian wall that collects stormwater at the end. we're looking for [speaker not understood] quite an environmental sensitive building. oh, ghosh, i guess i'm done. i didn't realize that. >> you have a few more minutes. >> okay. there is views at the top of the building which look off to -- this is on the upper level looking off to treasure island, looking back to the financial district, looking into the arena itself there is a window that's available to the public. and when you're in the arena you can look back out that window and see the bridge itself. this is a huge section of seating that's been removed to accommodate views in and out of the arena. the eastern edge as i mentioned has this new 40 foot access point and there is also this -- a continuation of the public open ramp, rather, that moves alongside the building that takes you up to the top where you have a public 360 degree panoramic view of the city.
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this is the southeast corner where we're proposing a new park instead of a water inlet as we've had in the past. and that park will also have interesting features that makes it comfortable for visitors. the new plaza has new trees that have been aligned along the edges. we're programming this plaza in different ways for different types of events. we don't want all the space to be used in only the same way. different degrees of intimacy and crowd use. at night looking along the edge where reds is where there is this other small parka as entitle to the pier edge, and the open access ramp that goes up to the top of the building where you can actually look back into the building as well as look out of the city, it's all a-d-a acsebastiantion i believe in all locations. looking back out towards the southern edge of the pier where the branimore park s and there is direct access to the park. you can see the a-d-a ramp and grand ramp. people playing, impromptu musicians and farmers market set up on the edge of the pier. this is looking towards the east early mott morning perhaps when there are less people you can see the different ramps and
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how direct the access is along the waterfront. there is new retail, we have new space between the retail buildings that give access up to the top of the entry level plaza. this is a great picture because it shows how the retail fits in with the height and width of the existing pier structures just to the north and to the south of this new facility. so, we're working very hard to keep the rhythm of these pier buildings in place. this is looking from -- sorry, the north towards the south with the seawall site to the right. hotel components and the new retail component on the left with a number of features that help it fit in in terms of scale to those other buildings. this is the retail component again from the south looking north and i guess you could mention very quickly there's reds china house there on the right which also frames part of the experience here. this is a very important diagram. i'm almost finished. this is standing across from the embarcadaro at eye level looking back at the site and the same view at at&t park same
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angle we're starting to create. we're still working on these drawings, but you can see there is the event center in the back. so, the buildings in the foreground, about 45 feet high. the arena in the back which isn't so far away at this new height, still feels like it's only about 45, 50 feet high. that's because of our idea of moving it to the east as far as possible. if you compare that to at&t park, this is only 45 feet high. it's only half the building. so, it creates a much more dense wall to the experience along the embarcadaro. then the event center does because we pulled it so far away. we're still working on these diagrams. but there you can see the two of them over the top of each other. there's the seawall site and we're finished now. just [speaker not understood]. a little glass bridge that goes across between the two hotel components. there is a 40 foot high podium that runs between the residential and the hotel component that's no higher than the water mark podium that exists today so we're staying with that level. it's also lower than many of the other podiums that move up and down along the embarcadaro
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in this particular place. our key feature here that is we don't want to have kind of a flat top across the entire site. we want to create a little bit of variety in scale and forms as you move along the embarcadaro as you move along this stretch. i believe that is the last image. thank you. >> very impressive how you ran through that. thank you. [laughter] >> i didn't want the beeper to go off. thank you. commissioner, thank you for allowing me to extend a little bit of extra time. and they may have questions for you, but thank you. are there any other staff or project sponsor comments? okay. we're going to open it up for public comment. denise mc kenzie. jacquelyn flynn. jim lazarus. robert graham. fred jordan. and patrick valentino.
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thank you, commissioners. i'm dennis mc kenzie, diamond consulting education. if you can put this image up on the screen. as the planning commission and other city and state agencies continue to analyze and refine this warriors multi-purpose cultural center and arena, i've been proposing to the warriors to work in collaboration with the san francisco government agencies and community leaders to integrate within the original design and construction of this state-of-the-art arena a high school college career pathway classroom which would be capable of providing comprehensive year round benefits for our entire diverse cross cultural san francisco open bay area community. as a member of the national basketball association, the warriors hold a unique and influential opportunity and provide a unique opportunity
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and the ability to initiate visionary model education and career development programs worthy of national and international me laytion. ~ emulation. [speaker not understood]. i believe an additional element of my proposal is the inclusion across cultural sports and education exchange program inherently attract schools and students, business leaders and government officials from around the bay area, california, and around the country, as well as from international neighbors including throughout the americas. these visiting field study programs will not only enhance and expand san francisco's economic growth and social well-being, but assist in initiating model international relations and business opportunities. by offeringedth opportunity to purchase seats immediately surrounding this classroom space have i iting educators and students, youth organizations and business leaders and public officials can learn and exchange knowledge while developing
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positive and creating international relations with our san francisco students, businesses and community. ~ i appreciate the creative imagination and potential of the updated arena design that the warriors and their architectural teams [speaker not understood] acom are currently presenting to san francisco. i trust that the beauty and inspiration expressed through this exterior physical arena design will be surpassed only by the dynamic and multi-dimensional human interactions and programs that can be offered and will take place within this interior in the heart and soul of this multi-purpose cultural center and arena. for the benefit of the public, my proposal is on my website round the diamond .com. thank you very much. >> thank you. i have a few copies of my proposal right here. good afternoon, commissioners, president fong. my name is jackie flynn. i'm the executive director of the [speaker not understood]
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institute san francisco. i serve historically disenfranchised neighborhoods in the city and a will the of my focus is dedicated to the bayview hunters point community. there we offer employment and education as well as youth services to san francisco residents, and we serve hundreds of families to support low-income residents as they attain gainful employment in the city to raise families and stay in this beautiful city. we have strong relationships with the labor unions in san francisco including local 261 and the carpenters local 22, and we offer construction training for workers to build projects such as the one you just saw. apri is a strong advocate of this city's local hire policy and currently the policy states a provision to prioritize local workers to make up the work force on public construction projects. through the efforts of city build and partnering organizations which include bright line defense project,
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mission [speaker not understood], charitiv cultural center and young community developers, we've exceeded the goals that we've had for the initial implementation of that ordinance. and although this is a private project, the golden state warriors have committed to a historic community work force agreement that includes a provision of the city's policy for local hire. and it's an agreement with the labor unions as well as community based organizations and this is an outstanding commitment that they've made to our city. and i really believe that city land planning is best when it benefits all communities from the poorest to the most affluent. this project has so much potential for job creation and more so it creates hope and pride in neighborhoods that possibly have lost their sense of pride due to unfavorable planning decisions. so, i thank you for your time and your consideration of the communities i serve and my organization is in full support
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of the development of the event center as well as the multi-use development at pier 30 through 32 and seawall lot 330. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. good afternoon, commissioners. my name is fred jordan. i'm the president of the san francisco african-american chamber of commerce. i'm here today and i want to dovetail on the speaker before me about the participation of african americans not only in job creation, but also in contracting. we've experienced pretty negative participation in the city. you have over 10 projects in excess of a billion and the african-american business
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community has had minimum -- minimum participation. and i'm here today, i guess, to appeal to the warriors to be an inclusive and i'd like to say to the warriors that since the left, the population of the african-american community here in san francisco is about 18%. today it's about 5 or 6. there is an outmigration here and we are all responsible [speaker not understood] this commission. and major projects that come here. so, i'm here to say that we have been in this community. we have architects, engineers, planners, construction. we have all kinds of businesses that are able to participate and i would like to emphasize that as we go up the road, we
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must be inclusive. we must reverse this outmigration because after awhile, there will be no presence of african americans in this city. we need contracts and we need jobs. and it's simple as that. we accept no other explanation about, oh, it's too expensive and this and that. we need contracts and we need jobs. and thank you very much for your time and i hope that we can all work together on this project. >> thank you. good afternoon, commissioners. jim laze arus, san francisco chamber of commerce and our civic partners, the alliance for jobs, 60 business labor and civic organizations. as you know, we strongly supported this project ~ from day one and only support it more as we see phase 2.0. as the city develops a partnership with the warriors and designers, your staff and this commission, i think this
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project has gotten better and will only get better between now and its final approval. pier 30-32 is a derelict abandoned pier that burned down in the early 1980s. there was a wall on the waterfront there. it was a dilapidated pier that [speaker not understood] navigation abandoned in the 1970s when they moved to oakland. that pier burned down, we ended up with a parking lot, an occasional event center for tented events and ceremonial berthing on the east side. what a fantastic spot to build a new event center arena for san francisco. there's been a lot of talk in the presence that there's support for the project, but somewhere else. where is that somewhere else? during the jordan administration, i worked with the then warriors ownership to identify sites in the doubt and south of market area to build an arena and, in fact, the planning commission was in early environmental review for an arena project at main and fulton, a site that doesn't exist today.
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nor do any of the other blocks south of market exist today for a use such as this or other locations that have been suggested or just too small to accommodate the use. this is the right project in the right site. it's right from a transportation and transit point of view because it's within walking distance of our transit spine on market street. it will create open space on the waterfront where there is now a chain link fence. as you saw over five acres of open space and walking ability around the entire arena. it will rejuvenate that portion of the waterfront for all the public, both residents in the area as well as those that visit the site for the events. we urge the commission to work closely with the warriors to move this project forward in an expeditious manner so that we can start construction next year. thank you very much. >> thank you. let me -- the next speaker come on up. let me call a couple more
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names. buffy martin tar box. gal cahill. she man walton. my ron lee. and kelly syringer. good afternoon, my name is bob graham. i live at 222 brown street, a block away from the project. at the february 28th scoping meeting i spoke and enthusiastically supported this project. and after seeing the changes that are being made my enthusiasm grows and i compliment the warriors organization and the architects in being responsive to some of the concerns that have been raised. at the 28th meeting an opponent of the project spoke about traffic, noise, unsightly building, negative effect on
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real estate values. and rhetorically asked, who would want to live in a neighborhood like that? well, of course, my partner ruth castle and i purchased our unit last november specifically because it was one block away from the oracle -- i mean -- well, the new oracle. [laughter] and as i remember it, one member of your commission also said that he would be glad to have the same built in his district if the warriors would only do it. i'd like to address this issue of who would want to live there just a little bit more. i've been very interested to see on the website, the socket,
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which covers san francisco real estate. it's called socket site. recently there have been quite a number of articles on the project itself, but two specific ones caught my eye. the first one is headlined fancy the warriors plans and penthouse views? and it goes on to feature a story about apartment 17 d, which is a penthouse, 2 19 brent an, and how it will have a compelling view of the arena. ~ brennan it also has a newly compelling price. it was purchased originally in 2001 for 2.3 million and it's hitting the market at 3-1/2. now, that's a tremendous
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increase. and in view of the collapse we had in real estate values here for four or five years, that's quite a commentary. here's another one. and this involves the water mark which is a condo development directly across the street from the arena which has had a rather checkered history, a lot of bank foreclosures, et cetera. the headline on this is warrior -- warriors fever at the water mark. and it talks about a unit that was marketed on the basis of you're going to see this arena right in front of you. and it sold at a price that's up 25% in the last five years. so, i think the question of destroying property values is probably moot.
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thank you. good afternoon, my name is pat valentino. i also live in the neighborhood at 229 brannan, about a block and a half property poe proposed site. i'm very much in support of the warriors and the arena coming to our neighborhood. ~ we live in the second most dense city in the united states, and the most dense city west of the hudson river. our neighborhood, the south beach soma rincon area is a mixed use neighborhood. we often hear from some of our fellow neighbors how it's a quiet residential neighborhood. it is not, and i don't think its was ever meant to be. we've got office buildings, residential, retail, light industrial uses, we have a ballpark, and a bridge in our neighborhood. and, so, the concept of the warriors coming to our site i think is very welcome. opening up the waterfront is fantastic. i walk by the warriors proposed
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site every single day because i have to. i walk by the at&t site at the giants stadium because i want to. whether there is a game going on or not, it's going to be a great place for folks to congregate and use. in addition, when you look at the numbers -- in addition to the added open space, when you look at the numbers, approximately 42,000 people attend each giants game, sometimes higher, sometimes lower. we just had the dodgers in town last weekend. we had the [speaker not understood] in town this week. we've gotten by just fine. it's different. there's definitely challenges. there will be challenges with more folks in the area, but the warriors arena will have over 18,000 at its highest and much less than that most other nights. i support the warriors plans because i think it benefits the city overall. i think it benefits our neighborhood as well and the greater bay area. so, very much looking forward to them coming to town. thanks. >> thank you.
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good afternoon, commissioners. my name is shaman walton, executive director of young community developers and i'm here to speak in favor of the warriors waterfront project. you heard from my colleague jacquelyn flynn about the benefits of this stadium and this particular area and i just want to reiterate some of those things to the commission. jobs and careers, privately funded no hit to the general fund, no taxpayer dollars, several events a year that will bring a tremendous amount of revenue to san francisco, billions of dollars. local hire goals that benefit all san francisco communities, which is unprecedented for private development of this nature. the warriors have cooperated and redesigned the stadium in order to decrease parking, lower the height of the stadium to protect certain views,
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increase open space, and provide inside out views for all to enjoy. this will be big for our city and all of its constituents, of course, will benefit. there is no downfall to responsible development, and i think that we need to make sure that we make this happen for our city as it will benefit the entire city and the waterfront belongs to all of us. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. good afternoon. my name is buffy martin tar box and i am speaking on behalf of the san francisco waterfront alliance. we are a coalition of neighbors, environmentalists and concerned san franciscans who joined save the bay and sierra club to pro he text our waterfront. we urge you to consider the fundamental question that the proposed developments on piers 30-32 and seawall lot 330 ~ is
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our bay and waterfront really the best place in san francisco for a massive arena and retail space? should we really be building a luxury condo tower that will be standing 175 feet tall, nearly three times as high as the old embarcadaro freeway? it is clear that this new design has changed so dramatically especially on the seawall lot 330 side. we are asking for a new scoping session to be set within 45 days so the public has time to comment on the new design proposals. the proposed developments were lost for decades, long after the current owners of the warriors and perhaps even the team itself have moved on. we don't believe it's too much to ask for 45 extra days so the public can voice their concerns. thank you. good afternoon,
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commissioners. my name is gal cahill. i am chair of the san francisco waterfront alliance, but i'm here today and speaking on behalf of myself, ms. tar box did a good job for us. i am here to talk about something that i raised before and i think i heard commissioner moore speak of in the past. my husband, i dearly love him, but he cannot visualize how a chair fits in our living room. i think it's really critical and i'm really disappointed with what i've seen from the new design that there is so little that gives to the public who has a limited -- my husband has anything to go by -- a limited ability to imagine what these buildings look like in terms of their mask and their bulk. there are very few renderings that give you an idea of what you were experience if you were across the street at dolman is street having dinner at the restaurant, if you were approaching it from the south on your bicycle what you would see. ~ de lancy [speaker not understood] the warriors come back with a model to give people an understanding
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of what this looks like. i [speaker not understood]. whether it's story polls, whether it's a combination of all of that, for san franciscans to be given a clear idea of what is headed to the direction of the waterfront. and all the time that i've lived here, i never imagined i would sort of see wiki key down on south beach of san francisco, but that's a lot what that feels like to me. so, i greatly urge the commission, if you have any ability to get story polls or any other representations that are renderings, that are elevations, to communicate to the people what a human scale experience of the projects would be, that that would be great. thank you very much. ~ good afternoon, my name is kelly saringer [speaker not understood].
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i think it is a thoughtful and beautiful project design. i'm not sure about these towers because i haven't seen those as much from the plan, so, this is kind of new to me. but the stadium itself and the public space that's now available in that area right now that's pretty dilapidated i think is a huge improvement. and as a mother of a 12-year-old little girl who plays basketball at the mission rec center, i think that this is a wonderful opportunity for the children of this city to have role models in basketball, and for us to be able to attend more games because it's very difficult to go over to oakland. so, i just want to say that i'm very supportive of this project and i think it's a great use for the space that's there currently. thank you. good afternoon, commissioners. myon